Build a holistic integrated marketing campaign for the full calendar year 2017 that delivers on the below objectives:

1. Within the Heartland: Heavy User Strategy

  • Grow Brand Relevance through engagement tactics with Heavy Snapple Users. 
  • Brand Relevance is currently at 50%, implying that 50% of the time a consumer wants a Tea or Juice Drink we are in the consideration set. 
  • Grow Purchase Frequency: Grow Heavy User Buying Rate from 9x to 10x per year.

2. Non-Heartland: Light User Strategy

  • Drive Trial by converting our high Awareness (90%) to Top of Mind Brand Awareness (15%).
  • 90% of people outside of the Heartland are aware of Snapple, but only 15% have Snapple in their top Tea or Juice Drink consideration set. 
  • Grow Purchase Frequency: Grow Light User Buying Rate from 1x to 3x per year.

My Role: Account Manager + Media Planner

  • Serving as the point of contact through writing status reports and meetings, between the team and the faculty adviser to keep him informed on the campaign’s progress.
  • Balancing the organization’s budget by calculating costs of travel, accommodations, focus groups and registration fees to ensure the club’s participation in the American Advertising Federation Competition.
  • Working with the media department to create a 12-month media plan that affectively increases brand awareness among Snapple’s target audience within a budget of $50 million.