The Ask:

Choose a brand or an issue and develop an overview of public data that has resonance with it and its audiences. Develop a Data Opportunity Matrix showing which data sets might add value for story ideation. Develop a campaign for the brand or issue using the data to establish concept, design and engagement. 

My team began exploring brands facing issues and public controversy and two companies immediately came to mind: Volvo's emissions scandal and Amazon's overly competitive and demanding work culture. With a little research, we quickly learned that leadership breakdowns in these organization's ultimately led to their failures. This gave us inspiration to think outside the box for this project by studying different leadership methods in corporate America and its affect on the success or failure of the organization.

My Role:

I researched Google for this project. This included: developing a SWOT analysis, finding data sets on the company from academic sources, developing a data opportunity matrix and using insights stemming from the research to write copy for the final book and the script for the animated case study.