The Task:

Develop + Present a Request for Proposal from  a client's perspective to potential advertising/marketing agencies.

AdidasxParley RFP Overview

In 2015 Adidas teamed with Parley for the Ocean to create a 3D printed shoe made of plastic found in the ocean. Adidas played with the idea of affecting the footwear industry by creating positive environmental change on a global scale. They chose Parley for the Oceans for this partnership because they are passionate about the raising awareness to protect our oceans. They focus on collaborating unique talents like creatives, thinkers, and leaders to collectively find ways to solve the pollution of our oceans. We’d like to think we’re part of the creatives who will use Adidas' platform to influence a positive change on the problems plaguing our oceans.

This product launch is unique because we are thinking in more terms than just sales. We chose to write a hypothetical RFP on Adidas' behalf to a shortlist of potential advertising agencies, because the success of adidas X Parley Futurecraft helps ensure the future of our oceans.

My contributions to this project included coauthoring and presenting the RFP. Specific sections that I was responsible for researching, writing and presenting included: the target audience, project and marketing goals, and project details.